Refills Neutral (Strong)

Our xsmoke® Strong Refills are for the heavy smoker, who is now ready to quit smoking. An xsmoke® Strong Refill corresponds to 15-20 tobacco cigarettes, contains 20 mg. nicotine, and is perfect for those who find it difficult to do without nicotine. When a refill decreases in strength, it‘s time to replace it with a new xsmoke® Strong refill. By smoking our xsmoke® Strong you‘ll still get the taste of tobacco, but you won‘t have the need for nicotine from a tobacco-based cigarette-- the xsmoke ® Strong Refill will cover your need.


  • 5 x Strong Refills (1 Refill = 15-20 Cigarettes)
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    If you‘re a heavy smoker and really like to smoke but have realized, with all the non-smoking policies in effect and with the strong focus on health, that smoking is not good for you or your environment. If you already own an e-cigarette and just need new refills to keep your quit-smoking plan on the right track, then you may want to buy a xsmoke Strong pack of refills. A pack of refills is equivalent to 5 packs of cigarettes. Each refill corresponds to a pack of cigarettes.

    Customers normally smoking xsmoke Strong are people who are daily smokers, usually smoking one pack of cigarettes a day and mostly the red tobacco variety.

    It is unhealthy to smoke, and when you start on your xsmokes it will only take you a few days to notice a difference in your health and your body. The main reason is that there is no tobacco in our e-cigarettes, so you can quickly restore more normal breathing function. After a few weeks you will no longer experience the same cough that many heavy smokers suffer from. In the long term it will be possible for you to exercise without coughing your lungs out. There are many benefits to e-cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes, and it is never too late to start quitting the smoking habit - better late than never, because it will always bring benefits!

    It may be difficult for many heavy smokers to see how they could ever begin a quit-smoking plan, but xsmoke Strong refills can be the just the help you need. Because of their high nicotine content you will not feel that you are missing nicotine, but at the same time you will still enjoy the feeling of smoking. Many people believe that xsmoke is the easiest way to quit tobacco cigarettes, because they don‘t feel that nicotine patches and nicotine gum have the desired effect. It can be a long-term process for heavy smokers to finally put cigarettes on the shelf, but, again, a long process is better than none. After you‘ve smoked xsmoke Strong for a while you can cut your nicotine content down to only 24 mg, (our xsmoke Original), and once you get used to this you can begin using xsmoke Light, with just 16 mg of nicotine, and then eventually our xsmoke without nicotine.

    Then you can actually call yourself a non-smoker!

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