Bring new life to your xsmoke® E-cigarette 

Refills are for those who already own an xsmoke. A pack contains five refills, and each refill is equivalent to 15-20 normal tobacco cigarettes. This means that in every refill package there is the equivalent of about five normal packs of cigarettes. You can choose from all our different xsmoke varieties - including xsmoke Free, xsmoke Free Menthol, xsmoke Light, xsmoke Menthol, xsmoke Original and xsmoke Strong. Our xsmoke Refills are all very easy to deal with - if there is power in the battery, you just screw the new refill on and your xsmoke is again ready for use.


We usually recommend our xsmoke Strong Refills and xsmoke Original Refills if you are a heavy smoker -- if you smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day and if you're used to smoking red tobacco cigarettes on a daily basis. However, if you like light tobacco cigarettes, our xsmoke Light may be a better alternative for you! It may be that previously you have smoked xsmoke Original or xsmoke Strong, but now feel ready to scale down on the nicotine. The last e-cigarette variety with nicotine is our xsmoke Menthol, and, as the name suggests, it has a fresh touch of menthol and is especially popular with heavy smokers who usually buy menthol cigarettes. We also have two different flavours that do not contain nicotine -- xsmoke Free and xsmoke Free Menthol. They are typically bought by customers who are no longer dependent on nicotine, but simply miss the feeling and the social aspect of smoking. It may also be that you have previously smoked xsmoke Light and are now ready to wave goodbye to nicotine.

xsmoke is one of Scandinavia's best-selling e-cigarettes. We have a large selection of different flavours that you can see above, so there is a variety which is guaranteed to suit your taste and help you on the way to a complete smoke-free life!

A complete smoke-free life is certainly worth pursuing. You'll soon be able to both feel and see the difference. After just 20 minutes your blood pressure and heart rate drop, and after a week with xsmoke, your sense of both smell and taste will already be significantly improved. After only three months with xsmoke your lungs will regain the ability to clean themselves, and lung capacity is typically improved by up to 30%. As you can see, in just a short time you’ll be feeling the benefits, so imagine what your smoke-free life can become in a few years! It is said that after 5-15 years the risk of getting lung cancer returns to the same as for non-smokers. It’s always "better late than never" to start your quit-smoking regimen, and it will always bring some advantages in the long run.