Month packages

E-cigarette month packages from xsmoke®

In xsmoke month packages you can choose between all of our 12 different packages:

  • xsmoke Original: Our most popular e-cigarette with nicotine. E-cigarette is added to tobacco flavorings and contains 16 mg. nicotine, which is suitable for smokers who smoke more than 10 cigarettes daily.
  • xsmoke Menthol and Menthol Free: As the name suggests this ecigaret suits to smokers with a penchant for menthol cigarettes. This e-cigarette is available with 16 mg nicotine and without nicotine.
  • xsmoke Strong: Like the original, this ecigaret with nicotine added rich tobacco flavors and memories of taste on a regular tobacco cigarette. With 20 mg. nicotine suits this electronic cigarette mainly for experienced smokers.
  • xsmoke® Free: If you still want the taste of tobacco, but not the nicotine that usually comes with it, the xsmoke® Free is the right cigarette for you.
  • xsmoke® Light: If you want the taste of tobacco, but not as high nicotinelevels as our other e-cigarette. This is for you if you smoke 10 or less cigarette a day.
  • xsmoke Liquorice and xsmoke Liquorice Free: Our newest members of the family is xsmoke Liquorice and xsmoke Liquorice Free. These e-cigarettes fits to the person who wants a tast of liquorice. xsmoke Liquorice contains 16 mg. Nicotine. And xsmoke Liquorice Free, is like our other Free cigarettes, without nicotine. 
  • xsmoke® Crispy Apple og xsmoke® Crispy Apple Free: If you want the fresh taste of fruit in your cigarette. It is available both with and without nicotine.
  • xsmoke® Sweet Strawberry og xsmoke® Sweet Strawberry Free: Sweet, fresh and summery taste of strawberry. Availabe both with 16 mg nicotine and without nicotine.