About us

XSmoke® was one of the first providers on the market, which means that we have been a part of this new and popular trend from the beginning. That‘s why our knowledge of e-cigarettes is so vast. XSmoke® was launched on the Swedish and Danish markets in 2011, and since then we have expanded to Norway, Finland, Germany, the netherlands, France, and England as well. We have 20 international employees spread all across Europe, each of whom has their own specialty within the company.

Quality is top priority!

XSmoke® E-cigarette follows the principle of the closed system.

We share our customers’ opinions when we claim that we are selling some of the best products on the market. Our continuous quality control ensures that our e-cigarettes maintain the very highest quality, which leads to happy customers! XSmoke® e-cigarettes are also CE-marked, which guarantees that the products are made according to the shared European requirements of safety, health, and environment. 

Furthermore, we have had our XSmoke® e-cigarette tested by the Danish Technological Institute. Their clinical test clearly demonstrated that our e-cigarette does not contain any substances which should not be present.

XSmoke® is the first retailer of electronic cigarettes in Scandinavia which has made an independent study.

Read here: LINK.

Our goal is to be the world’s leading brand of e-cigarettes, and our first objective is Europe. Our fantastic customer support, along with our high quality products, will help us reach our goal.

 If you have questions about our products or XSmoke® as a brand, or generally questions about e-cigarettes, we can help you by phone: +45 93 75 91 00, email or Facebook.

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