xsmoke® e-cigarettes - Stop smoking, start vaping!

The E-Cigarette Starter Kit from xsmoke ® is the perfect choice for less experienced "steamers" who haven't yet found their favorite type of e-cigarette. In the starter kit you will receive everything you need to get started with the electronic cigarette. The starter kit consists of: 1 x USB charger 1 x Battery, 2 x Refills (Corresponds 30-40 normal cigarettes)

e-cigarette from xsmoke Currently available in 8 different flavors - and there are more to come.

xsmoke Original: Our most popular e-cigarette with nicotine. E-cigarette is added to tobacco flavorings and contains 16 mg. nicotine, which is suitable for smokers who smoke more than 10 cigarettes daily.
xsmoke Menthol: As the name suggests this ecigaret with nicotine suits to smokers with a penchant for menthol cigarettes. This e-cigarette contains also 16 mg nicotine.
xsmoke Strong: Like the original, this ecigaret with nicotine added rich tobacco flavors and memories of taste on a regular tobacco cigarette. With 20 mg. nicotine suits this electronic cigarette mainly for experienced smokers.
xsmoke Free, Light and Menthol Free: If you're looking for an e-cigarette without nicotine, it is among these three variants you have to look. Free and Light are both added to the familiar xsmoke ®-Tobacco Aroma, whereas Nicotine Free has a fresh taste of menthol.
xsmoke Liquorice and xsmoke Liquorice Free: Our newest members of the family is xsmoke Liquorice and xsmoke Liquorice Free. These e-cigarettes fits to the person who wants a tast of liquorice. xsmoke Liquorice contains 16 mg. Nicotine. And xsmoke Liquorice Free, is like our other Free cigarettes, without nicoline. 

Everyone has heard about e-cigarettes. The subject can hardly be avoided in Denmark today, where there is considerable debate about the product, which has become very popular among smokers in recent years. There are many benefits to smoking electronic cigarettes. A normal tobacco cigarette contains over 4,000 harmful chemicals, but with xsmoke you can avoid endangering your health, because it emits only water vapour. You'll soon notice a difference in your health after switching to e-cigarettes. Suddenly it‘s no longer a struggle to carry grocery bags up to the third floor, and you’ll quickly find that your morning cough is gone. Many of our customers have children or grandchildren, and with the increasing focus on health and the harmful side effects of tobacco cigarettes, many are afraid to expose their loved ones to secondhand smoke. This worry is gone with e-cigarettes, because it is no longer tobacco smoke in the air, but harmless water vapour instead. 

It is hard to see why anyone would still choose tobacco cigarettes over e-cigarettes, and more and more Danes are becoming aware of the difference! Studies show that there is a steady increase in the number of people who smoke e-cigarettes.

As you‘ve read above, we offer electronic cigarettes both with and without nicotine. Many may still be in doubt whether e-cigarettes are legal or not. The fact is that it is legal in Denmark to smoke e-cigarettes either with or without nicotine. However, only e-cigarettes without nicotine can be sold within Denmark. Other EU countries can sell electronic cigarettes with nicotine to consumers in Denmark. xsmoke is headquartered in Germany, and it is perfectly legal to buy e-cigarettes containing nicotine from this online shop.