Starter Package Menthol (Medium)

Our XSmoke ® Menthol trial package is for smokers who like a fresh touch of menthol when they enjoy a cigarette. XSmoke ® Menthol is one of our most popular products and is especially for smokers who usually smoke menthol tobacco cigarettes, but do not want to give up nicotine. XSmoke ® Menthol contains, like XSmoke ® Original, nicotine, satisfying the nicotine needs of the vast majority of smokers. If you are a daily/heavy smoker and enjoy menthol, this is the perfect e-cigarette for you!


  • 1 x xsmoke® E-cigarette battery
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 2x Menthol Refills (1 Refill = 15-20 Cigarettes)
  • 1997 in stock

    Do you love the taste of cigarettes combined with menthol, but can’t find a way to quit smoking? We have the solution for you. Our XSmoke Menthol contains, as the name says, menthol. So you don’t have to say goodbye to what you really like, but instead you can replace it with a much healthier alternative. Our XSmoke Menthol gives you a fresh touch of menthol, and many of our customers, even though they normally smoke blue kings or prince, have switched to using only this variety of XSmoke. There is just something special about this XSmoke!

    A normal tobacco cigarette contains over 4000 harmful chemicals, but you can completely avoid all this by smoking e-cigarettes from XSmoke, which emit only water vapour during use. It’s much healthier to smoke e-cigarettes! And if you have children, it is also much better for them. As you probably know, tobacco cigarettes expose your children to passive smoking, but the risk is eliminated with the harmless vapour from your e-cigarettes. And you can smoke while cooking or relaxing on the couch, without either the food or the furniture smelling of tobacco! E-cigarettes from XSmoke do not give off a bad odour, one of their major benefits. But there are also many others, including the health and economic advantages.

    In fact, many do not realize just how much money can be saved each month with e-cigarettes compared to normal tobacco cigarettes. The money saved in one year might easily pay for a nice holiday with the family. The savings might also be your motivation to quit smoking once and for all! The XSmoke Menthol e-cigarette will be able to help you reach your goal, and it won‘t seem as nearly as difficult as trying to quit overnight. In fact, with XSmoke many of our customers don‘t experience quitting as something particularly difficult at all. You don’t have to give up nicotine, and you get the XSmoke that corresponds to what you normally consume in tobacco cigarettes.

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