Refills Menthol (Medium)

Our xsmoke Menthol Refills are perfect for those who normally smoke menthol tobacco cigarettes and who like the taste of menthol. An xsmoke Menthol Refill corresponds to 15-20 tobacco cigarettes, and contains, like xsmoke Original, Nicotine. So the only question is whether you are into menthol or not. When your xsmoke Menthol Refill decreases in strength, it‘s time to replace the refill with a new one. If you‘re not yet ready to quit nicotine, but still like the taste of menthol, our xsmoke Menthol Refills are perfect for you!


  • 5 x ® Menthol Refills (1 Refill = 15-20 Cigarettes)
  • 1958 in stock

    Do you like a fresh touch of menthol? And do you already have an xsmoke e-cigarette? Then xsmoke Menthol refills are perfect for you. They contain nicotine, the same amount as our xsmoke Original. They’re for heavy smokers and for those who normally smoke menthol cigarettes. Menthol refills are one of our best-selling products in the web shop.

    Perhaps you’d like to try a Menthol refill in addition to your Original? Then this package of refills would be a perfect way to expand your xsmoke “horizon"! Although you may not usually smoke tobacco cigarettes with a menthol taste, many customers have informed us that they like menthol e-cigarettes, even though they don’t usually like this flavour.

    Menthol refills are the perfect way to either start to quit smoking or perhaps to scale down the nicotine if you’ve previously smoked xsmoke Strong. After some time, you‘ll be able to go further and further down in nicotine levels, and eventually reach your goal of non-smoking.

    Many of our customers have also noticed that there has been a strong focus on e-cigarettes in the media, and many are actually in doubt about whether e-cigarettes are legal or not. It must be said that e-cigarettes with nicotine are legal as long as they are not sold within Denmark, but selling them to our customers in to Denmark is quite legal. Since xsmoke is based in Germany it is completely legal. You can enjoy your xsmoke with nicotine in good conscience in Denmark!

    Another question we often get is why the media says that e-cigarettes with nicotine are illegal in Denmark, but that e-cigarettes without nicotine are legal. There is no one who can give a clear answer to this – not even the politicians. This shows that it is the nicotine in e-cigarettes that is illegal, but then the next question comes up: "Why can you buy normal cigarettes, nicotine gum and nicotine patches?" Every vaper in Denmark is looking forward to the answer.

    We can hope that it will become legal to sell e-cigarettes with nicotine in Denmark, because it will cause even more Danes to become aware of the fantastic product that brings so many health benefits. It’s always better to smoke e-cigarettes rather than normal tobacco cigarettes, but with the negative focus there is today, there are still some who choose to stick to the normal tobacco cigarettes, even though they are extremely dangerous, carcinogenic, and are associated with many other life-threatening diseases.

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