Offer packages

xsmoke® offer packages
We have many different offer packages that are both fitting for current and new customers who want to try an e-cigarette. If you are a new customer at xsmoke, we recommend that you try the „Startup Kit“ or "The partner kit". Regarding the choice of taste we have created the xsmoke Test, which recommends the best xsmoke® product for you based on your answer of 7 questions. Both offers mentioned include starter packages, which contains 2 refills, 1 e-cigarette and a USB-charger. The „Startup Kit“ is preferable if you start alone because you get more refills for less money. However, if you start two or more together we definitely recommend "The partner kit", which gives you 2 starter packages and 20 refills.
Our xsmoke® offer packages are the perfect gifts. Many people choose to buy the xsmoke® „Startup Kit" to the family  who is smoking tobacco cigarettes and needs a healthier and better alternative. Maybe you already know someone who is using xsmoke® - then „The Big Consumer“, is definitely the way to go. If you are not sure about which taste your friend usually buys, then you are more than welcome to contact customer service and ask.