Starter Package Neutral (Strong)

As the name suggests XSmoke® Strong is the strongest flavour of all e-cigarettes in our product range. An XSmoke® Strong refill contains 20 mg nicotine, so this e-cigarette is particularly suitable for heavy smokers. If you normally smoke red original tobacco cigarettes with high nicotine content and find it difficult to see how to start to quit smoking then this will certainly be the e-cigarette for you! With our XSmoke® Strong e-cigarette, you do not have to worry about your nicotine cravings, but instead you can focus 100%on quitting.


  • 1 x xsmoke® E-cigarette battery
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 2x Strong Refills (1 Refill = 15-20 Cigarettes)
  • 991 in stock

    xsmoke® Strong is one of the strongest flavours in our assortment, and is especially for those who are heavy smokers! There are many advantages to smoking our xsmoke® Strong instead of tobacco cigarettes. There are about 4000 harmful chemicals in a tobacco cigarette, and you can avoid these if you choose to smoke an e-cigarette instead. With xsmoke® only water vapour is emitted. Maybe you still aren‘t ready to put cigarettes on the shelf completely, but something is better than nothing, and it can be a great benefit to your health if you simply choose to exchange some of your tobacco cigarettes for our xsmoke® Strong - something is better than nothing!

    Are you unsure that xsmoke® Strong will be right for you? We recommend that you choose this xsmoke® variety if you normally smoke about a pack a day of red tobacco cigarettes. As a heavy smoker it’s guaranteed that you will spend over 1000 kr. a month on cigarettes, unless you roll them yourself. xsmoke® is a much less expensive alternative to smoking, and you will be able to save money every single month-- another benefit that our customers love!

    Many don’t think they can manage to quit smoking because they believe they‘ll miss the nicotine too much. One benefit of xsmoke® Strong is that you won’t miss the nicotine. It contains 20 mg nicotine, and when you don’t experience the hunger for nicotine all the time, it’s much easier to focus on quitting smoking.

    Our xsmoke® is easy to take with you everywhere, whether it's at a cafe, in the city, or on the job. You can carry it in your bag and all it takes to charge your xsmoke® is a computer or wall charger. At the same time, you can easily smoke it anywhere, because it‘s not included in no-smoking laws. You avoid exposing others to smoke, and you will no longer smell of tobacco smoke!

    For many, smoking is also a social thing. It's nice to be outside with friends and enjoy a cigarette, and it‘s just not the same with a nicotine patch or nicotine gum! An xsmoke® still gives you the feeling of smoking, so you can easily enjoy an xsmoke while friends stand and smoke their tobacco cigarettes.

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