Month Package Neutral (Light)

Our subscription package of XSmoke ® Light is for people who normally smoke light tobacco cigarettes, or who have smoked either XSmoke Strong or XSmoke Original and would like to minimize the nicotine content. XSmoke Light contains only 12 mg of nicotine and also has the familiar taste of tobacco. A subscription package contains 22 refills, which corresponds to about 22 packs of regular cigarettes.


  • 1 x xsmoke ® e-cigarette
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 22 x xsmoke ® Light Refills (1 Refill = 20-25 Cigarettes)
  • 2000 in stock

    Using an electronic cigarette to quit smoking.

    You can call an e-cigarette an electronic version of a regular tobacco cigarette. Unlike a traditional cigarette, an e-cigarette is a much less unhealthy alternative to smoking. For good health, it’s therefore a clear choice of e-cigarettes over regular ones. An electronic cigarette functions much like a regular cigarette and also looks like one. You breathe in water vapour with a bit of nicotine. Your nicotine needs will be met with an e-cigarette, which is the reason most people who have tried them don’t return to regular tobacco cigarettes.

    An electronic cigarette consists of a battery and a refill which can be screwed onto the battery. You don‘t need fire and when you‘re finished vaping your e-cigarette, you can just put it in your pocket again. A refill contains a non-harmful water vapour with added flavour and is available with or without nicotine. At the tip of the e-cigarette is a diode that lights up when the battery is activated -- whenever you puff on the e-cigarette's mouthpiece. That way it looks like there‘s a glow at the tip of the e-cigarette when you use it.

    The electronic cigarette is one of the most successful products to help you with your addiction to tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine patches, gums, etc., which have long been the leaders in the field, have suddenly gotten a new competitor, and it’s quietly eating up the competition! E-cigarettes are -- if you ask smokers -- a much better product to quit smoking. First, because you get the same amount of nicotine from the e-cigarette, but you can also begin to scale down your nicotine consumption at your own pace. In addition, smokers don’t feel that from one day to another they must throw their cigarettes on the shelf completely. They still have their e-cigarette -- just like a regular one. The feeling of smoking an e-cigarette is almost the same as smoking regular cigarettes, and that‘s why smokers love e-cigarettes.

    When you become more accustomed to your e-cigarette you can slowly begin to scale down your consumption. Quitting takes place at your own pace. Suddenly, the day comes when you don't need e-cigarettes anymore and you can say that you‘re completely free of cigarettes.

    You can actually call yourself a non-smoker from the day you put the tobacco-cigarettes on the shelf and only smoke XSmoke's e-cigarettes.

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