Month Package Neutral (Medium)

Our 1-month package for xsmoke® Original is our most popular e-cigarette. It‘s particularly suitable for people who smoke red original tobacco cigarettes on a daily basis and are highly dependent on nicotine. This xsmoke contains 16 mg of nicotine, so you do not need to do without nicotine as you completely quit smoking! This will make it much easier for you to achieve your goal. A 1-month package contains 22 refills, which corresponds to about 22 regular packs of cigarettes.


  • 1 x xsmoke ® e-cigarette
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 22 x xsmoke ® Liqourice Free Refills (1 Refill = 20-25 Cigarettes)
  • 994 in stock

    xsmoke Original monthly package is the best selling of our monthly packages. The package contains 22 refills, 1 battery, and 1 USB charger. xsmoke Original has the taste that suits most of our consumers and also the taste which most consumers choose when buying a one-month package. xsmoke Original key has the taste of tobacco and therefore is very reminiscent of ordinary tobacco cigarettes. Original key contains 16 mg of nicotine and is for those consumers who are still addicted to nicotine. You can begin enjoing all the benefits by using Original to start your quit-smoking program. xsmoke Original taste is the one that most closely resembles ordinary tobacco cigarettes, and therefore many can successfully use it as a substitute product for regular tobacco cigarettes. When you feel that you are ready to scale down your nicotine consumption, you can choose our xsmoke Light month package that only contains 16 mg of nicotine. These electronic cigarettes correspond to light cigarettes and are therefore a bit milder. That way you can continue to scale down your nicotine consumption and eventually become completely smoke-free.

    You can of course also use xsmoke Original as an alternative to regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes are cheaper and less harmful than regular cigarettes and can therefore be advantageously used instead of conventional tobacco smoking.

    To find out how much you can save by switching from regular cigarettes to our e-cigarettes, just use our calculator on our home page. You will quickly find out that there are big savings and therefore more money for fun! The more money you spend on regular cigarettes, the more money you‘ll save by switching to e-cigarettes. Original key memories is equivalent to regular cigarettes, and so the switch from regular tobacco cigarettes to xsmoke Original taste is easy for the most people. And if the going gets tough, you can just think about all the benefits of being a non-smoker. Most people will be very pleased about all the money they’ll save, but your health will quickly improve as well as you steadilyreduce the risk of tobacco-related diseases. Moreover, you won’t be inflicting of passive smoking on those closest to you - with e-cigarettes, there is nopassive smoking. Buy your xsmoke Original monthly package now and say goodbye to the many disadvantages of regular smoking!

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