12 Months Package

Do you also think that it is a great challenge to be completely smoke-free? This package offer is perfect for you, who already know in advance that you can not be nicotine free in just a few months and therefore is dependent on your xsmoke® e-cigarettes for a while yet. By purchasing this package offer, you have a year's supply of xsmoke®. You can choose between different xsmoke® flavors.


  • 12 x xsmoke ® e-cigarette batteries
  • 12 x USB Charger
  • 264 x xsmoke ® Refills (1 Refill = 15-20 Cigarettes)
  • 76 in stock

    Are you a heavy smoker and want to quit smoking once and for all? We may have the solution for you here.

    This package contains 12 monthly packages and it means that you in this package have a year's worth of e-cigarettes. By having a stock of refills and starter kits you do not risk to just suddenly fall into the trap and get to smoking a regular tobacco cigarette. For many smokers, it can be difficult to quit smoking, but with a xsmoke® you will not experience quite as much trouble, because you dont have to give up the nicotine or the feeling of smoking, and it makes it far easier for many instead of, for example, to chew nicotine gum or having nicotine patch.

    You can choose which taste you would like in your package. If you order a 12 monthly packages, you're probably also a heavy smoker, and therefore we recommend that you choose either xsmoke® Original, which contains 16 mg of nicotine or xsmoke® Strong, who has 20 mg nicotine in them. It may also be that you are a daily smoker of light tobacco cigarettes, and then our xsmoke® Light e-cigarette might be better for you. If you want it, you can then also mix your package with the different flavours. Even though it may feel like a long time to have to be on xsmoke® for a year, then it is for any your better than smoking normal tobacco cigarettes.

    A smoking cessation will always benefit in the end - even if it takes a month or a year, then it will always bring many benefits. First of all, there is the economic aspect - you're going on a full year of xsmoke® actually experience having saved a lot of money. After only a few weeks you will also notice a difference in your health, and when a few months is passed you will not just be able to feel, but also see that you do not smoke tobacco cigarettes more. Being on xsmoke® makes it much easier for many smokers to quit smoking because they are not needed to say goodbye to everything at once. The only thing that you actually do not have anymore, is the tobacco when you smoke xsmoke®. Tobacco smells and is not healthy for you, and therefore it is a relatively easy thing for many smokers do without!

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