xsmoke USB-Charger

Does your XSmoke® e-cigarette need to be charged? Every now and then you need to charge your XSmoke®, and in that case it's necessary to have an original XSmoke® USB charger. Perhaps you already have one, but many customers are happy to have an extra charger. Some people like to have one in their car, at the office, or anywhere else. Buy your extra charger today so you’ll have it when you need to charge your XSmoke®!


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    When the front end of your electronic cigarette starts to flash, it's time to charge it. Normally it takes 1-2 hours for the battery to become fully charged, but it depends on the previous use of the battery. To ensure safe charging of your XSmoke® e-cigarette, it‘s important to use only the original XSmoke® charger. It's risky to use any charger other than the original one especially designed for XSmoke®.

    If you already have an XSmoke® starter package or one of our monthly packages, or you intend to buy one of these, then you‘ll receive one of our original USB chargers in the package. This charger is also included in most of our other kits. We‘ve made this charger available in our range of products so that customers who have lost theirs can get a new one at an affordable price.

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