Refills Neutral (Medium)

xsmoke Original Refills is our best-selling product on our web shop, and with your xsmoke Original Refills you can now breathe new life into your xsmoke e-cigarette! A xsmoke Original Refill corresponds to 20-25 tobacco cigarettes and contains 16 mg. nicotine. When the refill begins to diminish in strength, you should replace your refill with a new xsmoke Original Refill. Our xsmoke Original Refills are perfect for those who are accustomed to smoke original, red tobacco cigarettes and who wish to complete a long lasting cessation, but yet aren't ready to do without nicotine.


  • 5 x ® Free Refills (1 Refill = 15-20 Cigarettes)
  • 487 in stock

    xsmoke Original refills are our favourite among customers. They are typically for people who already have an xsmoke, and just need new refills to continue on track towards a complete smoke-free life. They contain 16 mg of nicotine and have an ”original” taste, which is to say that they‘re very similar to, for example, red prince cigarettes. Therefore, these refills are for those who normally typically smoke red tobacco cigarettes.

    There‘s a lot of money to be saved each month by buying refills rather than tobacco cigarettes, and if you‘ve been a customer for a long time, you‘ve certainly already seen that you have more money to spend on things now than previously.

    A good tip as a motivation to stop smoking is to put all the money you save into a jar. Then you can see what you‘ve saved by smoking xsmoke rather than tobacco cigarettes, and after a few months you’ll be able to use this money to reward yourself with a weekend getaway with someone you love or maybe those pants you’ve been wanting so badly.

    However, it‘s not just financially that you’ll be profiting by smoking e-cigarettes--they‘re also a major health bonus. You’ll quickly be able to feel the difference in your health, and we‘re sure your environment will love you for what you are doing, and that you no longer smell of tobacco smoke, and neither do your home or clothes! xsmoke is odour-free, because only water vapour is emitted. xsmoke is also very easy to take with you anywhere, and you don't need to go into the grocery store all the time to buy more cigarettes. You only need to take a new refill when the old one is used up and screw it into your xsmoke.

    xsmoke is also really easy to recharge -- you simply put it into a USB wall charger or a computer and after a few hours you can use it again! Some of our customers may prefer to have two xsmokes to switch between, so they can still vape their xsmoke while the other one is charging. The xsmoke is small and handy and can easily fit in a pocket or purse! It doesn‘t take a lot of space and can be pulled out easily time and time again.

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