6 Months Package

You can now buy half a year's supply of xsmoke® e-cigarettes. It's up to you which xsmoke® flavour you’d like to buy. Half a year's supply of xsmoke® e-cigarettes is a good option for those who want to quit smoking completely and put traditional cigarettes on the shelf once and for all!


  • 6 x xsmoke ® e-cigarette batteries
  • 6 x USB Charger
  • 132 x xsmoke ® Refills (1 Refill = 15-20 Cigarettes)
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    As the name suggests, this package contains a half year's worth of xsmoke®. This package is particularly suitable if you can already tell that you'll need about six months to get smoke-free. You can even choose which xsmoke® varieties you’d like--just enter your selections in the comments box. Many of our customers choose, for example, two packs of xsmoke® Free, two of xsmoke® Light, and two of xsmoke® Original.

    You can start by smoking xsmoke® Original for the first two months. They contain 16 mg of nicotine and correspond to normal red tobacco cigarettes. After two months you will probably be ready to scale down on the nicotine by using xsmoke® Light, which only contain 16 mg of nicotine, for the next two months. For the last two months of your quit-smoking program, you can switch to xsmoke® Free, which contain no nicotine at all, but will still give you the feeling of smoking. That’s something that can be difficult for many to do without, because they find a special relaxation in it.

    Due to the great debate in Europe over e-cigarettes, some smokers remain in doubt about whether they can smoke e-cigarettes, whether they can smoke those containing nicotine, and whether e-cigarettes are included in the no-smoking laws. As to the first question, the answer is yes -- you are allowed to smoke e-cigarettes in Europe. Many doctors recommend choosing them over tobacco cigarettes, because they are a much healthier alternative. You may prefer to smoke e-cigarettes containing nicotine. However, they are not legal to sell in every country, but no one yet has really been able to answer why, although the media claim it is because they contain nicotine. However, it may surprise many people that, although nicotine gum, nicotine patches and cigarettes all contain nicotine, they are perfectly legal. As to the last question, the answer is no. E-cigarettes are not included the no-smoking laws. In some localities they choose, however, to ban e-cigarettes because some believe they may send a wrong signal. In short, e-cigarettes and no-smoking laws really have nothing to do with each other, and vapers should be happy, because it means that you are free to “smoke“ wherever you want!

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