xsmoke EU-Charger

We also used to offer our customers a european wall socket charger, making it unnecessary to connect the e-cigarette to a computer. Now we‘ve redesigned our wall socket charger to make it both smarter and more compact. It doesn’t take as much space, so it‘s much more convenient to take with you if you prefer. It‘s a really good thing to have if you are on holiday, for example, or just don't have a computer nearby. With this charger you‘ll always be sure to have an e-cigarette that works. You won‘t be forced to fall back into your old smoking habits, and you won’t have any excuse for not sticking to the electronic way!


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    Our starter kits, subscription packages, and several other kits always include a USB charger for your XSmoke®. You need a charger in order to use your XSmoke®, because the battery needs power. Now you can even buy this USB charger separately in our web shop. If you are tired of always having to use a computer to charge your XSmoke®, we now offer you an alternative solution! Now you can get a new XSmoke® charger designed for wall outlets. You can take it anywhere, and you don't have to be at a computer to be able to charge your e-cigarette - smart and practical! Moreover, it‘s really helpful when you are travelling and haven’t brought your computer with you-- you can just plug the charger directly into the wall outlet.

    Kicking the cigarette habit once and for all isn't always easy, and that's why you should always have a fully charged e-cigarette in your pocket-- otherwise you might fall back into smoking regular cigarettes. For example if you don‘t charge the battery of your e-cigarette or you don‘t have a chance to do that, then you will most probably smoke a regular tobacco cigarette, and even one is too many.

    Therefore, many of our clients choose to buy an additional wall socket charger for their e-cigarette. It may be that you simply can’t go to the trouble to boot your computer every time you want to charge your XSmoke®, and if so, it‘s very convenient to have a standard wall socket charger ready at home! We always recommend that you choose an e-cigarette instead of a regular tobacco cigarette, because e-cigarettes are a much healthier alternative – first of all for you, but also for those around you. Studies have shown that passive smoking is much more harmful than you might think.

    E-cigarettes do not expose your family, your grandchildren, your sweetheart, or your friends to secondhand smoke. You can use e-cigarettes with a good conscience even when you‘re in their company, and it also helps you when you‘re trying to quit smoking. You won‘t have to spend time standing outside in the cold or rain to smoke your cigarettes, and you can use your e-cigarette while sitting and watching TV in the evening or if you are with a dinner companion. It‘s one of the major reasons why XSmoke has so many satisfied customers. We are Scandinavia's bestselling e-cigarette brand!

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