The Big Consumer

This kit is perfect for you if you don’t want to run out of refills for your e-cigarette, at least in the beginning. This kit contains 2 starter packages, and 8 refill packages. You can of course choose the flavours you prefer. This means you can decide which XSmoke® variety you’d like to receive and whether you want just one type or a mixed selection. The kit is perfect in many ways. If you want to try a lot of flavours at the same time, this kit makes it possible. This kit is for you if you smoke a lot and want to make sure you have enough refills for the near future. At the same time the kit is shareable, if you and a friend would like to quit smoking together.


  • 2 x xsmoke® E-cigarette
  • 2x USB Charger
  • 44x Refills, of your own ch (1 Refill = 15-20 Cigarettes)
  • 9997 in stock

    Our Big Consumer Kit is usually purchased by those who have been our customers for a while. This kit is for those who’ve found that XSmoke® is the best solution on their way to a completely smoke-free life. It includes a 14% discount. You won’t run out, because the kit includes 8 refill packages and 4 separate refills from the two starter packages. One package of refills equals 5 packs of tobacco cigarettes, so in this case you will receive around 44 packs of cigarettes. This is better for those who have found their favourite XSmoke® flavour, since you won’t have to order more until you run out at some point in the future.

    There are many possibilities with the Big Consumer Kit. A lot of our customers like both the original and the menthol flavours. That is why you now can mix the different varieties in the kit, and shape it according to your needs. All you need to do is to include which flavour(s) you prefer in the comments field. If, for example, you‘d like 4 packages of menthol refills, 4 packages of the original, and 2 starter packages with liquorice -- or something completely different – it’s all up to you.

    As an XSmoker, you‘ve probably experienced the irritation of waiting for the battery to charge. That‘s why we‘ve chosen to include an extra starter package, which means you can switch between two of your XSmoke® batteries. Now you‘ll always be able to use your e-cigarette when the cravings begin. This extra cigarette in the kit also means that it can be tried by those who‘ve never tried XSmoke® before. The kit is also shareable if the Partner Kit is too small for you.

    As most people are aware, e-cigarettes are healthier than normal tobacco cigarettes. One of the reasons for this is that a tobacco cigarette contains over 4000 dangerous chemicals, all of which you‘ll avoid by using your XSmoke®, since it only contains 6 different substances. You can read a lot more about this in our e-cigarette guide where you can find an answers to every question about e-cigarettes.

    A lot of smokers are tired of being looked down upon by society, which looks upon smokers as a “burden”. By using e-cigarettes you‘ll avoid all this, since many people are much more positive about this product than normal tobacco cigarettes. With the e-cigarette you can also call yourself a vaper instead of a smoker! As a vaper, you’re no longer restricted by the no-smoking laws, and you no longer have to hear about how bad smoking is for you.

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