3 Months Package

Purchase 3 monthly packages simultaneously. If you want a longterm solution to quit smoking completely and put traditional cigarettes on the shelf once and for all, this is for you. Choose between many different flavours Original, Neutral, Menthol and Exotic. This package offer can be a good kickstart to quit smoking!


  • 3 x xsmoke ® e-cigarette batteries
  • 3 x USB Charger
  • 66 x xsmoke ® Refills (1 Refill = 15-20 Cigarettes)
  • 9972 in stock

    Now you can save 19% on our 3 month package, and you can even choose which xsmoke® flavours you prefer.

    A 1 month package includes 22 refills. So this means that there are about 66 refills in this package, the equivalent of approximately three months’ consumption of xsmoke®. This package is perfect for you if you already know in advance that you‘ll need about 3 months to be completely smoke-free! By always having a stock of xsmoke® you also avoid the trap of returning to tobacco.

    If you‘re trying to quit smoking it can be difficult to stick to it if you suddenly run out of refills or if there‘s no power in the battery. You can easily return to smoking normal tobacco cigarettes, and it’s far better to avoid that. A complete smoke-free life is always preferable, and this package can help you on your way and also make sure that you stay on track. After using your 3 months package for just a few weeks you may already feel a definite difference. After only 20 minutes blood pressure and pulse decrease, and after 1 year your risk of heart disease by will be cut in half. Also, your friends and family will certainly love you for no longer smoking regular cigarettes! Your home, clothes, and hair will no longer smell of it and that alone is something that many see as a big advantage to putting cigarettes on the shelf. After a month's time you will also be able to see an improvement in your complexion.

    Typically, there will suddenly be a lot more colour in your skin, and you‘ll no longer get red in the face from just carrying shopping bags home. It suddenly becomes easier to play with the grandkids again, and maybe you'll soon run 5 km again without too much trouble! Another very important factor that many of our customers appreciate is the economic one. xsmoke's super-big savings every month can be used for things that are a lot more fun than cigarettes! It could be that vacation you've always wanted to take or a new bike for your new life!

    At xsmoke® we‘re always happy to help you quit smoking, and we‘re always available to answer your questions.

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